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Car Rental by City in Cuba

The capital of Cuba opens its doors to visitors from all parts of the world and invites you to tour its streets and old part of the city, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, its two hundred year old university, the mythical Malecon seafront drive and many more sites of interests.

Havana invites you to become immersed in its fabulous culture and in the vitality of its warm and hospitable people. Your visit will be a journey through a wonderful world of multiple colors, sounds, beauty and life.

Varadero, the Cuban tourist resort par excellence is located in Matanzas province. It is internationally renowned for its matchless beauty and quality of its beach. The resort is also considered nature’s work of art, a marvelous refuge for lovers and a world of fantasy for the whole family.

Let your imagination soar. Enjoy memorable days of sun, sand and Caribbean rhythms in one of the finest beaches in the world.

Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city and also the most Caribbean, has its own musical rhythm and pace. Located in the eastern region, in a valley alongside a sweeping bay at the foothills of the legendary Sierra Maestra. This hilly city has many sites of tourist and historic interests, some of which are closely related to our struggles for independence. It is also home to a famous brand of rum, the most unique carnival in the island and also of many musical genres.

Discover the proverbial hospitality of the people of Santiago and of Sol Meli√°, where hospitality is our raison d’ √™tre.

Holguín, one of the country’s leading tourist destinations, is located in the eastern region of Cuba and has been blessed with extraordinary natural attractions and countless sites of interests ranging from beautiful white sand beaches kissed by transparent blue waters, magnificent natural parks and trekking areas, mastic trees, costal wetlands and primordial forests home to the almiquí (almique), an insectivorous mammal endemic to the area and considered a living fossil.

These are only a few of the many attractions that await you in this paradisiacal tourist resort.

The largest number of the keys and islands that comprise the Cuban archipelago are found precisely off the coast of Camaguey, offering visitors more than 120 km of beautiful white sand beaches and site of the Santa Lucia tourist resort.
The historical center of the capital city is one of the largest and best preserved in the country and highly recommended for travelers who chose Santa Lucia as their tourist destination.

The city of Cienfuegos was established by a Frenchman in the early 19th Century. It was built facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea and is noted for its historical and cultural sites of interest. Especially recommended for diving and nautical enthusiasts, ecological tourism and thermal spas that visitors can enjoy an ambience of both security and repose.

Cayo Coco is one of the paradisiacal keys off the northern coast of Cuba (known as the Jardines del Rey archipelago) with pristine beaches kissed by clear blue waters and bordered by a lush tropical landscape. Tourists can go trekking in an area of ecological importance, observe flocks of pink flamingos, cut the waves on a catamaran and practice all types of sports, especially nautical.

A virtual paradise in the Caribbean, ideal for holidays in the company of family, friends or loved one.

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