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Car Rental in Acuazul Hotel, Varadero

Solways Cuba CARS provides CAR RENTAL in more than 100 locations in Cuba: Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and Camaguey.

CAR RENTAL locations are conveniently situated at popular visitor destinations such as hotels, international airports, convention centers and in city centers. The infrastructure for car repairing, maintenance and gas services are well placed and available in the whole country.

CARS in CUBA are at your disposal through SOLWAYSCUBA, from the luxurious cars, the standard cars and jeeps to the economic cars models.

We offers the best deals with CUBACAR and REX companies to hire a car.
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* Drop-off city:
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Cars choice:

Cubacar (Cubatur)

- 4 doors
- Air Conditioning
- 5 Seats
- 2 Luggages
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Unlimited Mileage
Pick-up location in Varadero:

Drop-off location :

From: Feb 16, 2015
To: Feb 19, 2015

€ 165.00
€ 55.00 / day

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