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Jeep Safari

Tours - Jeep Safari
Pick-up at the hotels according to the staggered timetable established for the excursion and transfer to the Hotel used as the departure point for the jeep convoy.
An adventure over more than 150 kilometres of embankments, tracks, quarries, palm groves and rural villages. Snorkelling on the Coral Beach (equipment included). Visit to the Saturno Cave with time for a swim. A drive through the city of bridges, Matanzas, with its wealth of cultural assets. A drive though the Yumurí Valley with a stop at Rancho Gaviota, including a welcome drink. Visit to a rural house for a typical Cuban lunch. Guided tour of the crop-growing and animal-rearing areas. Free time for horse riding. A trip on a high-speed launch for approximately 30 minutes along the river Canímar, a protected area; this allows you to enjoy the beauty and sights of the natural surroundings. Return to the original departure point for the jeep convoy and transfer to hotels.

Jeep seating capacity: 4
If the excursion is booked for fewer than 4 people and the payment does not cover exclusive use of the jeep, the vehicle may be shared with other clients who may or may not wish to drive for part of the journey.
The jeeps are manual transmission vehicles.
Those wishing to drive will need to bring their driving licence.
Fully comprehensive insurance is included. If the client is found to be under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances and/or damage has been caused intentionally or as a consequence of their negligent actions, the client shall pay the full cost of the damage caused.
If the booking is for 3 or more people, at least one must carry a driving licence.
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Terms and Conditions

Please read the below listed policies and conditions in full detail before continuing. By agreeing to these terms you acknowledge having reading and understood all terms and conditions relating to the policies.

Your credit card will be debited after making your reservation for the indicated amount at the time of booking. The charge will be in EURO currency and your bill will state: GESTION HOT. TURISTICA MESOL S.A.

Activities and Suppliers
Solways operates as a general agent for the sale of tourist excursions offered by Cuban receptor entities in charge of coordinating and guaranteeing each of the services marketed, including tour guides in the languages requested.

We recommended that you contact our representative upon arrival at each of the destinations, for the purpose of coordinating details such as the hour and place where you will be picked-up for the activity you selected.

General Conditions
  • Clients shall be picked-up according to schedule and should therefore wait in the hotel lobby.
  • Clients shall refrain from smoking in the buses and aircrafts used for optional activities.
  • In the event of aerial, nautical and/or excursions that included accommodation, clients are required to present their passports.
  • In case of excursions that require aerial transportation, the type of aircraft used depends on the availability of the airline.
  • Excursions, whether aerial, nautical or land, do not guarantee connection with international departures.
  • In the case of excursions during which the client may drive a motor vehicle (jeep safari), the latter shall be required to present his/her drivers license.
  • Clients interested in diving programs are required to present the relevant certificate or receive initiation lessons.
  • During programmed tours, clients must remain with the group and guide. Clients who do not observe this requirement, because of personal interests, shall do so under their own responsibility.
  • During the tour, Clients shall be responsible for their personal means and effects.
  • The sales voucher is not transferable.
  • The client shall present to the Solways representative, the original sales voucher as proof of payment and in return the client shall receive a ticket filled out in his/her name, which will allow him/her to access to the activity organized on the date agreed. In the event of loss or deterioration of the ticket, the client shall not be entitled to participate in the activity.
  • Meals offered during the activity include one beverage.

Travel Documents and Payment
All activities require preparation and shall therefore be paid when booking the reservation.
Clients should print-out their Activities Voucher and take it with them to the destination site. The activities selected require one or more Solways voucher which shall be delivered to you after you have completed the purchase. After the booking process is complete, clients are advised to:
  • Print out the voucher(s).
  • Keep the voucher(s) during the trip.
  • Contact and give the activities voucher to the Solways representative at the destination.

Children under 2 years are admitted free of charge in all the activities.

Cancellations and Amendments
Cancellations after the allotted period of time has expired, or in the event of no-show of the client at the activity which was previously purchased, shall be subject to the following penalties:
  • In case of cancellation 48.00 hours before the activity, Solways shall reimburse the client for total amount paid for the reservation minus an administrative fee of 15. 00 Euros.
  • In case of cancellations made after 12.00 noon on the day before the activity and up to 4 hours before, the client will pay a penalty of 25% of the total value.
  • In case of no-show, the penalty shall ascend to 100% of the total amount paid.
  • In the event of aerial or nautical excursions, cancellations that are not made within a term of 48 hours before the day of the excursion, the client shall not be refunded.

Change of Date
  • Aerial excursions: an additional 50% charge on the total price of the activity. The client must obtain a new ticket for the desired date (hour).
  • Land and nautical excursions: an additional 25% charge on the total value of the activity. The client must obtain a new ticket for the desired date (hour).

Claims shall be submitted through the Tourism Desk or to the representative who made the sale. Claims regarding reimbursement of compensations must be presented in writing and within a term of 72 hours following the event and before the client leaves the country. In the case of theft, loss of property and similar personal damages, the client must report the incident to the law enforcement authorities.

Solways and its suppliers shall not be liable for pieces of luggage or other personal effects luggage abandoned or forgotten in transportation vehicles and or hotels.