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Budget Hotels in Cuba

Budget Hotels in Cuba

Hotel Saint John s, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Saint John s

Saint John Hotel is located just a few meters from "La Rampa", one of the most known Havana social...

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from € 18
Hotel Villa La Granjita, Santa Clara, Cuba
Hotel Villa La Granjita

Surrounded by coconut palms and tropical fruits trees, stands the charming 3-star La Granjita (75...

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from € 25
Hotel Club Amigo Mayanabo, Camagüey, Cuba
Hotel Club Amigo Mayanabo

This 3-star All Inclusive hotel (225 rooms) is located in Santa Lucia, Camaguey province, and is...

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from € 29
Hotel Las Cuevas, Trinidad, Cuba
Hotel Las Cuevas

Located less than 400 meters from the Historical Center in Trinidad. The Las Cuevas Hotel is set on...

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from € 31
Hotel Club Amigo Atlantico, Holguín, Cuba
Hotel Club Amigo Atlantico

Club Atlantico hotel is located in the beautiful Guardalavaca beach. Ideal for excellent vacations...

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from € 34
Hotel Villa Coral, Cayo Largo, Cuba
Hotel Villa Coral

A beautiful hotel placed in Cayo Largo del Sur, plenty of beaches and sun, it's the ideal place to...

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from € 41
Hotel Acuario, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Acuario

The 4-star Acuario Hotel is situated in the western section of Havana, close to the Havana...

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from € 42
Hotel Vedado, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Vedado

The 3-star Vedado Hotel is located in the heart of the modern Vedado District, near the Malecon...

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from € 48
Blau Costa Verde Hotel , Holguín, Cuba
Blau Costa Verde Hotel

Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort, an all inclusive resort in Cuba, is located on the seafront...

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from € 61
Hotel StarFish Cuatro Palmas, Varadero, Cuba
Hotel StarFish Cuatro Palmas

Hotel Cuatro Palmas is the perfect hotel for those guests who like to keep one foot in the comfort...

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from € 66
Hotel Bella Costa, Varadero, Cuba
Hotel Bella Costa


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from € 66
Hotel Playa de Oro, Varadero, Cuba
Hotel Playa de Oro

Located in the renowned resort of Varadero, on a magnificent stretch of beach, the Playa de Oro...

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from € 70
Hotel Kohly, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Kohly

Situated a the entrance to the Havana rainforest, the 4-star Kohly Hotel offers guests a unique...

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from € 71
Hotel Starfish Montehabana, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Starfish Montehabana

Placed in the area of Miramar in Havana, this hotel has excellent apartments for families. Miramar...

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from € 95
 Hotel H10 Habana Panorama , Havana, Cuba
Hotel H10 Habana Panorama

Located in the Miramar residential area, where most off the business firms and embassies are...

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from € 108