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Historic Hotels in Cuba

Historic Hotels in Cuba

Hotel Florida, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Florida

This charming colonial structure currently is the Florida hotel, famous for its mythical gardens...

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from € 35
Hotel La Union, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Hotel La Union

The 4-star la Union Hotel, located in the heart of the city of Cienfuegos, combines the charm of...

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from € 37
Hotel Beltrán de Santa Cruz, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Beltrán de Santa Cruz

This elegant 18th Century building is located close to the Plaza Vieja square, where new and old...

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from € 49
Hotel El Comendador, Havana, Cuba
Hotel El Comendador

The Comendador Hostel stands out for the intimacy and silence of its open spaces. Ideal for retreat...

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from € 49
Hotel Los Frailes, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Los Frailes

A few steps away from the Convento de San Francisco de Asis and the charming Plaza Vieja square...

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from € 49
Hotel Del Tejadillo, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Del Tejadillo

Behind the majestic porticos of the Hotel del Tejadillo in Old Havana stands an authentic colonial...

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from € 49
Hotel Santa Isabel, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Santa Isabel

The charming Santa Isabel Hotel stands in Plaza de Armas, the first public in Old Havana. This...

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from € 50
Hotel Palacio San Miguel, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Palacio San Miguel

The Palacio San Miguel Hotel stands near Havana Bay. This elegant colonial edifice stands out for...

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from € 57
Hotel El Mesón de la Flota, Havana, Cuba
Hotel El Mesón de la Flota

Located on Calle Mercaderes and only a short walk away from the Plaza Vieja square, the Meson de la...

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from € 58
Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, inaugurated on December 30, 1930, is the flagship of Cuban hotels. Its...

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from € 62
Hotel Telégrafo, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Telégrafo

The Telegrafo hotel, erected in 1860, is located in the intersection of Prado and Neptuno, two of...

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from € 63
Hotel Conde de Villanueva, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Conceived with cigar-lovers in mind, this tastefully restored 18th-century mansion has a rustic...

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from € 63
Hotel Inglaterra, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Inglaterra

The possibility of exploring Old Havana is still another of the many attractions of this property,...

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from € 67
Hotel Mercure Sevilla, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Mercure Sevilla

A four stars category hotel, situated in an historic environment, near Prado street, in the heart...

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from € 77