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With the elegance of simplicity and the luxury of making a choice

Designing an experience:  a confirmation that luxury grows from the very simple but special touch of difference that allow us to create a great and unique ambience.

Cuba and its traditions, rhythms and colors; the footprints of an authentic culture arisen from the nobility of its natives, the intensity of its conquest and love wrapping all who were born in this unforgettable island.

The Routes

The Routes (Holguín, Santiago de Cuba) is a program that suggests to combine 2 cities of the Eastern region of the country with the capital of the island endowed with attributes for an unforgettable stay. Authentic traditions and history guarantee different experiences. It is accessed on international direct flights to Holguin airport or on air connections from Havana.

from € 440

Cienfuegos, The pearl of the south

Is known as one of the most beautiful Cuban cities, and called The Pearl of the south. It is rich in palaces, parks, theaters, churches and its renowned Meadow Walk, which extends to the sea. The city, declared 2005 World Cultural Heritage, shows all its charms that reflect the Golden age of Cienfuegos and the prevailing architectural style of the city.

from € 531


The idea is to combine 3 eastern cities of this Cuban region with all identified attributes that will guarantee an unforgettable stay. History and traditions suggest different experiences.  Direct international flights to Holguin or Santiago or by domestic flight connections from Havana are the options to visit this region.

from € 1580

Increase your experiences in Cuba

Travel with us on these suggestions. Together we will design your program.

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This menu will increase your experiences in Cuba guiding you to details on the products that we tested previously for you. You can select some of these suggestions and include it in your particular program.