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Welcome to the Special Program for Travel Agents

Welcome to the Special Program for Travel Agents

Make your reservation through our website and offer your clients the chance to discover Cuba. We offer: combined packages, hotels, transfers, tickets, car rentals, events and conferences
The net rates available to your agency are based on the following discounts on general public rates:

  • Packages, hotels and tickets: 10%
  • Transfer: 10%
  • Cars: 10%

Now you can profit from each sale you make through us. Sign up and you will only reap benefits.

Why Solways?

Solways is an established tour agency offering a wide range of products in Cuba. Our experienced team of professionals guarantees reservations online any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

Check our advantages:

  • Discounts on the general public rates of our products
  • Payment with credit card and high level of security
  • Instant confirmation
  • 24- hour Customer Service
  • Assistance to your clients in all destinations in Cuba

How does it work?

Follow these steps when making a reservation:

Register your Agency at Solwayscuba and create your own travel agent account with user name and password.
Use your user name and password for booking any of our products through www.solwayscuba.com. When purchasing, enter your customer’s information and booking details.
Once you have paid online, the reservation will be confirmed immediately and you will receive an e-mail with information regarding our public rates and your agency’s net rate.

Join now!

Solways Cuba program for travel agents!
For more information, contact us directly
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