Solways route in Havana

Solways route in Havana


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There is a saying that all roads lead to Rome only than in this case they guide you to Havana, a perfect blend of architectural styles, abundant history and traditions, a city adored for its music, dance and theater. A city holding the title of World Heritage Site.

- Scheduled pick up in the hotels.
- Panoramic city tour through the modern part of town starting at Revolution Square, the University of Havana and visiting “Hamell Alley” in Cayo Hueso, a Cultural Community Project that combines art and afro Cuban culture with the neighbor’s support and contribution.
- Drive along Havana’s Malecon until the Prado Avenue, where remarkable buildings such as the Great Theater of Havana “Alicia Alonso” and the Capitol building can be appreciated. Continue the tour towards Havana’s Central Train Station, declared National Monument in 1993, to get to Paula Alameda, the first marine drive built in the city back in 1777.
- Walking tour around Old Havana’s main squares: Saint Francis of Assisi Square, Old Square, Arms’ Square and Cathedral Square, where the most important buildings from those times can be found.
- Visit the outdoor areas of the Handicraft Palace, an ancient baroque style palace built at the end of XVIII century.
- Visit the social project Callejón de los Peluqueros (Hairdresser’s Alley), which integrates art and good taste.
- Visit Loma del Angel neighborhood, with its cobblestone streets that inspired the writer Cirilo Villaverde in his famous novel Cecilia Valdes in the XIX century and was recently used for multiple takes in the film Fast and Furious 8.
- Drive through Miramar Residential district until Jaimanitas neighborhood.
- Visit the creative Fusterlandia Project, created by Fuster, the Cuban artist, ceramist, sculptor and engraver who has revived the house’s facades, avenues, parks and buildings in the locality with an exceptional street art.
- Transfer back to the hotel.

The tour includes:
- Collective bus transfer.
- Specialized guide service.
- Lunch at a local restaurant in Old Havana with 1 national drink included.
Not included:
- Extra drinks and optional available services during the tour.
Please read the below listed policies and conditions in full detail before continuing. By agreeing to these terms you acknowledge having reading and understood all terms and conditions relating to the policies.

Your credit card will be debited after making your reservation for the indicated amount at the time of booking. The charge will be in USD or EUR according to the selected currency and your bill will state: GESTION HOT. TURISTICA M (ESPAÑA).
Activities and Suppliers
Solways operates as a general agent for the sale of tourist excursions offered by Cuban receptor entities in charge of coordinating and guaranteeing each of the services marketed, including tour guides in the languages requested.

We recommended that you contact our representative upon arrival at each of the destinations, for the purpose of coordinating details such as the hour and place where you will be picked-up for the activity you selected.

General Conditions

(+537) 2045577 ext 1435 (9:00AM - 6:00PM) HAVANA
(+535) 2680522 (from 6:00 PM) HAVANA
(+535) 2680512 VARADERO
(+535) 2879974 or 2875782 CAYO SANTA MARIA
(+535) 2875783 HOLGUIN


  • Clients shall be picked-up according to schedule and should therefore wait in the hotel lobby.
  • Clients shall refrain from smoking in the buses and aircrafts used for optional activities.
  • In the event of aerial, nautical and/or excursions that included accommodation, clients are required to present their passports.
  • In case of excursions that require aerial transportation, the type of aircraft used depends on the availability of the airline.
  • Excursions, whether aerial, nautical or land, do not guarantee connection with international departures.
  • In the case of excursions during which the client may drive a motor vehicle (jeep safari), the latter shall be required to present his/her drivers license.
  • Clients interested in diving programs are required to present the relevant certificate or receive initiation lessons.
  • During programmed tours, clients must remain with the group and guide. Clients who do not observe this requirement, because of personal interests, shall do so under their own responsibility.
  • During the tour, Clients shall be responsible for their personal means and effects.
  • The sales voucher is not transferable.
  • The client shall present to the Solways representative, the original sales voucher as proof of payment and in return the client shall receive a ticket filled out in his/her name, which will allow him/her to access to the activity organized on the date agreed. In the event of loss or deterioration of the ticket, the client shall not be entitled to participate in the activity.
  • Meals offered during the activity include one beverage.

Travel Documents and Payment
All activities require preparation and shall therefore be paid when booking the reservation.
Clients should print-out their Activities Voucher and take it with them to the destination site. The activities selected require one or more Solways voucher which shall be delivered to you after you have completed the purchase. After the booking process is complete, clients are advised to:
  • Print out the voucher(s).
  • Keep the voucher(s) during the trip.
  • Contact and give the activities voucher to the Solways representative at the destination.

Children under 2 years are admitted free of charge in all the activities.

Cancellation - Refunds Policies
For all activities that are canceled out of the established maximum time, or where the clients do not participate (no-show) in activities that have been previously acquired, the following penalties will be applied:
  • -If you cancel 5 days before the enjoyment of your reservation, Solways will penalize an amount of 15.00 USD, for administrative expenses, to the total amount paid for your reservation.
  • - If you cancel more than 5 days before the enjoyment of your reservation, you will be penalized with 100% of the total amount paid.
  • - Non-attendance (no-show) to enjoy the stay, is penalized with 100% of the total paid.

Change of Date
  • Aerial excursions: an additional 50% charge on the total price of the activity. The client must obtain a new ticket for the desired date (hour).
  • Land and nautical excursions: an additional 25% charge on the total value of the activity. The client must obtain a new ticket for the desired date (hour).

Claims shall be submitted through the Tourism Desk or to the representative who made the sale. Claims regarding reimbursement of compensations must be presented in writing and within a term of 72 hours following the event and before the client leaves the country. In the case of theft, loss of property and similar personal damages, the client must report the incident to the law enforcement authorities.

Solways and its suppliers shall not be liable for pieces of luggage or other personal effects luggage abandoned or forgotten in transportation vehicles and or hotels.