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Cienfuegos | All Inclusive
Address: Carretera Rancho Luna, km 16, Cienfuegos. Cuba
Phone: (537) 2043449
Fax: (537) 2045956

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Terry Theater

Terry Theater

The Tomás Terry theater declared a National Monument is one of the buildings with the greatest architectural and heritage values ​​of the city of Cienfuegos, and a symbol of cultural identity in the south center of the Island. It is integrated into the trilogy of the most important Cuban theaters of XIX century: "La Caridad", Santa Clara and "Sauto", in Matanzas.
Cienfuegos city

Cienfuegos city

Beautiful city located on the southern coast of Cuba. It is distinguished by its beautiful bay, its very well preserved buildings as the Palacio de Valle and the famous Terry Theater. It has excellent hotels such as Jagua, La Union and Pasacaballos and also an attractive nightlife.