Caminos Tradition, History and Culture Cienfuegos

Caminos Tradition, History and Culture Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos , Trinidad
2 nights
(2 nights / pax)
Caminos Tradition, History and Culture Cienfuegos includes visits to the emblematic places of this city. Cienfuegos popularly known as La Perla del Sur. where one of the figures of Cuban music stands out, Benny Moré ¨El Bárbaro del Ritmo and El Sonero Mayor de Cuba¨. Combined with Trinidad, third village founded by the Spanish crown in 1514.
Day 1:
- Arrival in Cienfuegos. Accommodation at Jagua by Melia Hotel and lunch.
- Departure from the hotel for a panoramic tour of the city of Cienfuegos, well-known as “La Perla del Sur” Walk along the Boulevard and Prado path where the sculpture of the famous Cuban musician Benny Moré stands up, he was known as "El Bárbaro del Ritmo and El Sonero Mayor de Cuba".
- Panoramic view of the buildings of the city where the Government Palace, the Tomas Terry Theater, the Palace del Valle, the Catholic Church and the Martí Park are located. (entrance not included). - - - Marine Tour though the Cienfuegos bay enjoying the sunset.
- Upon return from the tour, night dinner at the Yacht Club monumental work of Cuban eclectic architecture of the last century located in an area of an environment value.
- Return to the Jagua by Melia Hotel.

Day 2:
Cienfuegos –Trinidad
- Departure to Trinidad city; the third village founded by the Spanish Crown in 1514 under the name of the Holy Trinity that preserves its almost intact colonial architecture.
- In transit, entrance to the Social Project “Teatro Los Elementos”, interaction with young people and Cuban artists whose handwork are exhibited in the place.
- Continue the route to the Historical Center of Trinidad, blessed in 1988 by UNESCO World Heritage next to the “Valle de los Ingenios” located in the region.
- Lunch at a local restaurant (includes a liquid).
- Visit to “Casa del Alfarero” a workshop that has a rich history of pottery handmade dating since the mid-nineteenth century.
- Panoramic tour of the city to appreciate the colonial architecture of the old houses such as the Romantic Museum, Palace of Count Brunet, The Church of the Holy Trinity, The Parish Church of Our Lady of Charity located on an elevated platform in the city of Trinidad that preserves its eclectic façade where the image of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, Patroness of Cuba, is found. (entrance not included).
- Visit to the Manaca-Iznaga Tower, located in the old sugar plantation about 15 km from the city of Trinidad. In the place, the bell tower of 45metros height is preserved from where slaves were observed during the colonial time, on sugar plantations field.
- Return to Cienfuegos and dinner at Jagua by Melia Hotel.

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Varadero Hotels - Jagua Hotel 45.00 Shared transfer Pick up: 10.30hrs Drop off: 12.00hrs
Cayo Santa María Hotels - Jagua Hotel 45.00 Shared transfer Pick up: 09.30hrs Drop off: 12.30hrs
Jagua Hotel - Havana Hotels 25.00 Shared transfer Pick up: 10.35hrs Drop off: 15.00hrs
Jagua Hotel - Varadero Hotels 45.00 Shared transfer Pick up: 10.00hrs Drop off: 12.30hrs
Jagua Hotel - Cayo Santa María Hotels 45.00 Shared transfer Pick up: 10.00hrs Drop off: 13.00hrs
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