Turistic Guide of Cuba

Nautical Centers

Cuba is an archipelago surrounded by water in varying shades of turquoise and blue, a virtual feast for the eyes of visitors as they submerge in the warm sea to observe the spectacular marine habitat.

The main island is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by thousands of keys and islets, for a total area of 5,000 kilometers of coast washed by the Atlantic Ocean on the north and the Caribbean Sea on the south. Cuba is structured over an extensive and exuberant coralline reef which makes it virtual paradise for diving enthusiasts.

The waters surrounding the Cuban archipelago are very peaceful because of the little difference between tides and absence of strong currents. They are also noted for their warmth (the mean annual temperature is 24 C ) and transparency due to the lack of contaminants and good state of preservation of the seabed; diversity of its marine flora and fauna and total absence of dangerous animals. As a result, the coralline ecosystem is the one of the best preserved in the region, with a mean horizontal visibility of 40 meters.

Cuban coral reefs weave an underwater lattice formation around the archipelago, both on the northern and southern coasts of the island, made up by enormous corals that form massive structures similar to majestic castles and in some cases mimicking the anatomy of the brain. The reefs provide support and shelter to numerous marine species such as sponges, gorgonians and algae that grow capriciously in the fractures of rocks often inhabited by octopuses, urchins, starfishes and crustaceans. There is also a great abundance of bright colored fish that move rhythmically in their search for food.

The Cuban seas are not governed by the seasons of the year. Divers will always find landscapes of spellbinding beauty such as coralline gardens, caves, prairies of gorgonians and sponges, sunken ships, walls, tunnels and many more attractions beyond their wildest imagination.

For the full enjoyment of this marvelous Cuban water world, a series of marinas and nautical companies operate a number of fully equipped diving stations through the country, located very close to the hotel networks, for those who prefer to go diving or receive initiation lessons during their visit to Cuba and discover a completely new and passionate world.

The diving centers offer a variety of programs and activities, including initiation lessons for rookies and more advanced specialized diving courses along coral reefs, caves, sunken ships, nocturnal immersions, etc for certified divers in areas located only a few minutes away by boat.

These diving centers are staffed with seasoned certified instructors recognized by prestigious international agencies such as the American Canadian Underwater Certification (ACUC) and the Confederacion Mundial de Actividades Subacuaticas (CMAS) or World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS), equipped with diving vessels that comply with international requirements for this sport.

The diving centers offer activities at depths not more than 40 meters. Maximum attention is paid to the integrity of the divers, including the observance of safety measures and first aid equipment. Each of the vessels is equipped with communication means and oxygen tanks. The diving centers are also in close coordination with the national network of medical services and hyperbaric chambers, equipped with all the necessary means and qualified personnel all year round.