Turistic Guide of Cuba


Cuba recently installed modern digital telephone lines covering all of the national territory. Consequently, visitors can communicate with any site within the country or abroad.

For local calls, special booths have been made available in cities and towns which accept coins or prepaid cards in national currency. Visitors can change money for local coins and call from any of these cabins or purchase a prepaid card when calling from a communication center or private telephone in the case of local calls.

For international phone calls, customers are required to use a public telephone booth which accepts prepaid cards priced in convertible Cuban pesos. These booths are located in hotels, airports, telephone centrals, etc. Visitors can also call directly from the hotel (either from the room or front desk).

When placing a call to Cuba from overseas:
1. Dial the international code of the country from where the call is placed.
2. The code for Cuba is: 53
3. Area code of the city you are calling. Check the codes of the leading cities in Cuba.
4. Dial the number you want to call.

Example: a person calling from Italy to Varadero in Matanzas must dial:
00: code for placing an international call used in Italia
53: code for Cuba
5 : the Varadero area code plus the desired number:
00 53 5 + the desired number

When placing a call to another country from Cuba:
1. International code in Cuba is: 119
2. Code of the country
3. Area code
4. Desired number

Example: a person calling Rome, Italy from Cuba must dial:
119: International code
39: Code for Italy
06: Area code of Rome
and the desired number

Cubacel in the entity which provides mobile phone service based on AMPS, D-AMPS and GSM standards. It has subscribed international roaming agreements with 14 companies in 8 countries.
See companies that use AMPS, D-AMPS and GSM standards

GSM-900 is compatible with the phones used in Europe. It also has international roaming agreements with telecommunications companies in 60 countries, especially with the leading GSM operators in Europe. See operators and countries with GSM-900 standard