Turistic Guide of Cuba


The world’s finest cigar leaves are grown in the western region of Cuba, hence the mounting interest of tourists for Cuban cigars: the result of the perfect combination of excellent soil and climate conditions with hundreds of years of experience in the cultivation of this aromatic plant.

The Cuban cigar industry offers a wide array of brands which come in more than 700 high quality vitolas (shapes).
The special climate and excellent soil of the archipelago have made Cuba the cradle of the best cigar in the world. To this we must add the experience and dexterity of the workers in each of the manual processes they perform, which is also one of the keys to its success.

The tobacco plantations (or vegas) located in the western province of Pinar del Rio produce almost all of the leaves used as the external wrapper of the cigar, which is submitted to a process which can last up to one year while undergoing almost 190 operations before it finally reaches the smoker. The cigar requires extensive preparation and is therefore considered a virtual work of art as the whole process is completely done by hand and begins with the selection of the leaves, according to the size and class in keeping with the characteristics of a particular cigar of vitola.

As part of the promotional policy of the Cuban cigar industry, every year an international festival is held, attended by entrepreneurs, artists, journalists and cigar connoisseurs, which offers seminars, competitions, cigar samplings, visits to cigar plantations and factories and the famous “Gala Dinner” considered the main course of the festival and during which the Habano Man of the year Awards are announced.

The Cuban cigar, with a history of more than five centuries and considered “the best cigar in the world”, has expanded its market to all latitudes.

Commercialization of Cuban cigars in the international market is carried out by Habanos S.A., through a network of Exclusive Distributors which in turn market all the cigar brands in their respective territory. Habanos S.A has also subscribed international sales agreements with territories that are not Exclusive Distributors.

The sale of Cuban cigars in the domestic market is carried out by Habanos S.A. in a series of retail outlets stores (hard currency) distributed throughout the national territory.

Cigars are available at the following chains: Caracol S.A., Cubanacan S.A., Cubalse, Cimex, Habaguanex S.A. and Gaviota. Each of these chains has retail outlets in each of the provinces and is classified according to their conditions.

La Casa del Habano, an international chain of retail outlets, operates under a franchise granted by Habanos S.A. At the moment, there are 88 of these establishments in 50 countries, complete with excellent conditions for preserving cigars, personalized service and exquisite decoration where the sampling of a habanos is the maximum expression of the ancient ritual of smoking, in an ambience of comfort and tranquility.

All Cuban cigars have the same common feature: perfection.