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Conventions, Events and Congresses in Cuba

Cuba has been recognized as one of the most important countries celebrating events and congresses in America.

Convention Centers with wide facilities in telecomunications, informatic, fair halls and a very highly prepaired staff help to celebrate sucessful events and congresses in Cuba.

Cuban development on social sciencies, healthcare, culture, environment and sport, converts the country in a beautiful location to organize congresses, events and meetings in Cuba
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Name: Convención Científica de Ingeniería y Arquitectura CUJAE2014
Description: Convención Científica de Ingeniería y Arquitectura CUJAE2014
From Nov 24, 2014 To Nov 28, 2014
Theme: Science and Technology
Official Web Site: http://www.cciacuba.com

Name: XI Simposio Latinoamericano de Digestión Anaerobia
Description: New developments in Anaerobic Digestion Microbial ecology and molecular biology Biodegradation of recalcitrant chemicals Biogas s production and its utilization Recuperation of energy from waste matter Combustible microbial cells Modelling of anaerobic digestion Automatization and control of anaerobic digestión process Recuperation of nutrients related with the anaerobic digestion Anaerobic digestion and biosolids s production Anaerobic digestion of solid and liq
From Nov 25, 2014 To Nov 28, 2014
Theme: Science and Technology
Official Web Site: http://www.11daal2014.com

Name: Controlling Diabetes and its more severe complications congress
Description: Diabetes, its prevention, metabolic control in diabetic patients, handling diabetic complications, Molecular biology of wound healing mechanisms,Experiences in the management of patients with diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) in primary, secondary and tertiary health care levels,Therapies for treating complex diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) , emphasizing in the use of human epidermal growth factor applied by infiltration in promoting effective wound healing in complex diabetic ulcers, Strategies for implementing N
From Dec 8, 2014 To Dec 12, 2014
Theme: Healthcare
Official Web Site: http://hptcongress.solwayscuba.com

Name: Pedagogía2015
Description: Cuba , Congress , Education
From Jan 26, 2015 To Jan 30, 2015
Theme: Education
Official Web Site: http://evento.pedagogiacuba.com

Name: Convención Internacional Agroforestal
Description: Forests and Society,Forests, biodiversity and ecosystem services,Forests and climate change,Forests and Water Interactions,Forest biomass and bioenergy,Forests and Production, Forest protection, integrated pest and disease management,Production of coffee and cocoa, Sustainable technologies of agricultural production: agroforestry and agro-productive systems,Management of coffee and cocoa plantations,Quality, benefit, by-products and industry of coffee and cocoa,Integrated management of soils and nutrients
From Apr 14, 2015 To Apr 17, 2015
Theme: Environment
Official Web Site: http://www.convencionagroforestalcuba.com

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