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Conventions, Events and Congresses in Cuba

Cuba has been recognized as one of the most important countries celebrating events and congresses in America.

Convention Centers with wide facilities in telecomunications, informatic, fair halls and a very highly prepaired staff help to celebrate sucessful events and congresses in Cuba.

Cuban development on social sciencies, healthcare, culture, environment and sport, converts the country in a beautiful location to organize congresses, events and meetings in Cuba
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Name: OMICS2014
Description: Technologies for OMICS data generation, Bioinformatics and statistical methods for genomic and proteomic research,Mass spectra data processing and computational proteomics,Next Generation Sequencing: RNASeq, ChipSeq, DNA Methylation, Data Management and analysis, MetaGenomics,Personalized Medicine: Selection of drug-response markers, translational biomarkers, Cancer genome,Epigenetics,Integrative OMICS data analysis,System Biology based bioinformatics software development: Network Biology, Gene-protein-drug
From Oct 28, 2014 To Oct 31, 2014
Theme: Healthcare
Official Web Site: http://omics2014.solwayscuba.com

Name: Havana International Fair
Description: FIHAV sets itself as the exhibition gathering with the greatest interest to companies and business men worldwide, that somehow and in someway sustain commercial links with Cuba.
From Nov 2, 2014 To Nov 8, 2014
Theme: Fairs and Festivals
Official Web Site: http://www.feriahavana.com

Name: 7th International Conference on Health Psycology
From Nov 10, 2014 To Nov 14, 2014
Theme: Healthcare
Official Web Site: http://www.psicosaludcuba.com

Name: Oncologia Habana 2014
Description: Pre ‚Äď clinic and clinic assessment of new drugs in cancer treatment,Biomarkers and personalized oncology,Cancer inmunotherapy,Cancer epidemiology and records Palliative care for cancer patients,Psycho-oncology Oncology Nursing Support treatment and rehabilitation for cancer patients Technological advances in Radiotherapy Nuclear Medicine advances solid tumours in adults haematological neoplasia
From Nov 19, 2014 To Nov 22, 2014
Theme: Healthcare
Official Web Site: http://www.oncologiahabana2014.com

Name: Convención Científica de Ingeniería y Arquitectura CUJAE2014
Description: Convención Científica de Ingeniería y Arquitectura CUJAE2014
From Nov 24, 2014 To Nov 28, 2014
Theme: Science and Technology
Official Web Site: http://www.cciacuba.com

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