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How do I pay for the reservation?

Once you have made the reservation, payment will be made directly at the hotel for the price confirmed.

Is it possible to pay for my reservation upon arrival at the hotel?

No. Payments will be made on-line directly to our web site.

Does the hotel offer facilities for accessing Internet?

All Sol Meliá hotels have a public area where clients can access Internet for an extra charge. In the rest of the hotel chains, there is also a public space, either in or near the premises, where customers can access Internet.

Is it possible to request accommodation in a specific room of the hotel?

This type of request is confirmed according the availability of the hotel upon your arrival and must therefore be informed when making your reservation.


¿Cómo alquilar un auto en Cuba?

Usted debe reservar con tiempo suficiente. A través de nuestro sitio web tendrá acceso a las dos rentadoras de mayor reputación en el país: CUBACAR y REX, donde puede reservar, pagar y recibir un correo de confirmación al instante.

¿Es necesario un permiso internacional para conducir?

En Cuba se aceptan los permisos emitidos por cada país.

¿Es fácil abastecer de combustible, cuál es el costo?

En las capitales provinciales y municipales es fácil reabastecerse de combustible. Hay que tener en cuenta que en las autopistas las estaciones de servicio se encuentran localizadas a 90 km de distancia unas de otras como promedio. El costo de la gasolina es de 95 centavos CUC y el diesel se cotiza a 75 centavos CUC por litro.

¿Cuáles son las condiciones de las carreteras?

El estado general de las principales avenidas en las ciudades más importantes del país es bueno. La autopista nacional, que cubre desde el occidente hasta el centro del territorio merece especial atención: No existe ninguna iluminación nocturna además de ser frecuentada por ciclos, tractores, vehículos de tracción animal y hasta ganado, por lo que requiere de especial precaución por los conductores.

¿Cuál es la política de multas existente?

En Cuba se penaliza severamente la conducción en estado de embriaguez, el exceso de velocidad y el no prestar la debida atención al vehículo. En caso de infracción, la multa será reflejada en el contrato del auto y deberá abonarse al finalizar la renta en la oficina donde se efectúe la misma.

¿Puedo elegir entre autos de cambios mecánicos y automáticos?

Existen de ambos tipos aunque prevalecen los de cambios mecánicos. Si su intención es rentar uno automático, es recomendable hacer la renta con tiempo suficiente.

¿Existen parqueos seguros en los destinos?

Por regla general existen parqueos oficiales en los lugares más frecuentados de las ciudades. No obstante, evite dejar en el auto cualquier objeto o prenda de valor y asegúrese que el vehículo quede bien cerrado.

¿Es fácil encontrar un destino?

Es recomendable, si va a viajar por el interior del país, comprar un mapa de carreteras debido al estado deficiente de señalización de las mismas.

Combo Express

How can I access other services?

In order to access other services once in the country, please e-mail us or write your request in the “Comments” section on the reverse of your reservation form.

Which are the services provided by the All Inclusive package?

Services include meals, beverages, non-motorized nautical sports and recreation activities in the hotel.

Does the All Inclusive package include international flights?

Accommodation rates based on this system include hotel services and taxes however; we do not organize international flights.

Domestic Flights

Which are the aircrafts used for domestic flights?

ATR 42 500 planes manufactured in France.

Will you cover airport tax at the departure of the group?

The tour leader must foresee and pay an amount of 25.00 CUC per person at the departure of the group, preferably in cash. Payments can be made in one lump sum. Sol Caribe Tours will provide assistance during luggage check in and departure of the flight at no additional coast.

Is it possible to temporarily import equipment and souvenirs for the group through Cuban customs?

According to existing regulations, some articles cannot be imported into the country. The following equipment can be rented in Cuba: trunkings, radios, audiovisual equipment and professional cameras. In the case of souvenirs and other articles, a list of all the articles shall be faxed to Sol Caribe Tours at least two months in advance. Temporary import of food is prohibited.

Can extra expenses incurred by the group be charged to an account? Is it possible to modify the program?

The group shall observe the payment policy originally agreed by the parties. The person in charge of the group shall pay for all extra expenses incurred by the group, while in the country. Sol Caribe Tours can change or include services according to the interests of the client, after prior notification with sufficient time in advance. Cancellations of services shall not be accepted once in the country.

Is it possible to print menus, gifts and other articles for a group or convention?

Yes. Proposals can be submitted for assessment before the arrival of the group.

Which are the fees for inspection groups?

Inspection groups will have the same program as the rest of the group. Prices vary according to the season. A 100% discount will be made if the group has more than 30 persons, 30% in the event of 15 to 20 persons and 0% if the number of persons in the group is fewer than 30. Inspection groups of 2 to 3 persons are admitted and only one per group. In the case of more than one inspection groups, only the first one will receive a discount after reception of the group.

Will Sol Caribe Tours provide assistance throughout the stay of the group even when the group is in the hotel without any activities?

Sol Meliá Cuba hotels will appoint a coordinator to work in close coordination with Sol Caribe Tours. At least one person shall be appointed per each group, who will be offer his/her assistance either at the hospitality desk or directly to the clients during their stay in Cuba.

Events & Congresses

Are there any discounts for persons travelling with a delegate to an event?

Discounts on the registration fee depend on the type of event. The price of a tourist package is always the same as the delegate’s accreditation fee. However, persons travelling with a delegate will receive special discounts for activities in the program prepared for companions and for excursions after contacting Sol Caribe Tours.


How can I change or cancel a reservation?

In order to change or cancel a reservation, the client must access the link Details about my reservation .

How can I travel to Cuba from the Unites States?

It is possible to travel directly from certain cities in the United States or via a cruiser from Cancun. Travellers must bear a valid Unites States passport and a Cuban tourist card.

Are visa arrangements included in the package?

No. Travellers must make all the necessary arrangements at the Cuban Consulate in their country of origin. They can also buy a Tourist Card directly in the airport before departure.

Do I need to contact you for confirmation of my reservation?

No, once payment of the reservation is made on-line,
a confirmation page will appear on your screen indicating that your reservation has been updated in our system and immediately a message will appear confirming your reservation data. Both the page and confirmation message will have a reference number. This number must be used for consultations or other arrangements.

Do I need a visa to travel to Cuba?

Travelers to Cuba are required a visa or Tourist Card which can be purchased in a travel agency in your country.

When is the hurricane season in Cuba?

The hurricane season begins in June and ends in November.

How can I make a reservation via telephone?

The client must call our on-line assistance service at: (537)-2043449.


At what time do they pick up at the hotel for transfers to get international flights?

3 hours before flight departure time if your flight is leaving from the same city than the one where you will be picked up. In the rest of the cases, our representative will contact you the day before the departure

Personal Information

What type of personal information do you require?

The information we require will be supplied voluntarily and will help us to identify you: name, telephone number, e-mail address. Customers are required to fill out a profile form before registering in our electronic bulletin. We guarantee that the information requested will only be used to provide the product or service you requested. This information is compiled at the moment of:

  • Completing the reservation.
  • Participating in a contest, survey or bulletin.
  • When contacting

What is this information used for?

This information is used to respond and process requests for certain products and services which will be offered during the trip planned in conjunction with This information can be used to:

  • book a product or service.
  • inform of any changes
  • send marketing information.
  • respond to questions and suggestions.

¿With whom will you share this personal information?

The client’s information is shared only with authorized service suppliers for the purpose of providing the services and functions stipulated in the contract.

Credit Cards

Why is my credit card number necessary?

It is used as a guarantee for payment of the first night in case the client does not go to the hotel.

Which credit cards are accepted by Solways Cuba?

We Only accept Visa and Master Card credits cards.