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Holguín, Cuba

Holguín, Cuba - General Information

Holguín, one of the country’s leading tourist destinations, is located in the eastern region of Cuba and has been blessed with extraordinary natural attractions and countless sites of interests ranging from beautiful white sand beaches kissed by transparent blue waters, magnificent natural parks and trekking areas, mastic trees, costal wetlands and primordial forests home to the almiquí (almique), an insectivorous mammal endemic to the area and considered a living fossil.

These are only a few of the many attractions that await you in this paradisiacal tourist resort.

Map of Holguín

Hotel Offers in Holguín

Hotel Playa Costa Verde, Holguín, Cuba
Hotel Playa Costa Verde

The All Inclusive Playa Costa Verde Hotel is located in Holguin province, surrounded by colorful...

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from € 66
Hotel Playa Pesquero, Holguín, Cuba
Hotel Playa Pesquero

The perfect place for relaxing and enjoying your vacation in Cuba, Holguin. Also recommended for...

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from € 72
Hotel Sol Río de Luna y Mares Resort, Holguín, Cuba
Hotel Sol Río de Luna y Mares Resort

The beauty and tranquility of a white sand beach fringed by lush tropical vegetation harmoniously...

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from € 90
Hotel Paradisus Río de Oro Resort & SPA, Holguín, Cuba
Hotel Paradisus Río de Oro Resort & SPA

In a truly privileged site, surrounded by exuberant tropical vegetation and facing one of the most...

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from € 155